The Language of Clouds

by William Hoshal

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After several years of media projects and producing for other artists, the long-awaited follow-up to William Hoshal's "A Rumor of the Sun" is released. Originally conceived as a small personal project, the full release of "The Language of Clouds" resulted from the overwhelming support and request for new music for Native American and Native American style flutes. Music that broke from the New Age path and looked to reach musical worlds into which few have ventured with these wonderfully expressive instruments, and done so with conscious awareness of the idiomatic nature of both the music and the instrument. What has come about is a collection of pieces bridging the worlds of jazz, ambient, world and traditional, wherein the flute is exquisitely part of the ensemble's whole, not just a guest star.

Says William, "..Of course, I wanted to write music that I enjoy playing and that people enjoying listening to, and allowed the flutes to shine. But at the same time, I didn't want it to sound as if the flute had been shoe-horned into some odd place. It needed to sound as if it always belonged there...right beside a saxophone or trumpet..."

Yet still, at the heart of it, "The Language of Clouds" remains a very personal project, with William playing all of the instruments, recording and producing every note you hear, and even creating the artwork and design for the package.

"It was always something that I just wanted to do -- if it didn't work, or the result was something only I was digging, I didn't want anyone else to feel bad about being involved....For the longest time, I was apprehensive about anyone hearing it...I even decided to teach myself bass so that I didn't have to explain my wacky bass-lines to a real player. I wrestle with that fear all the time. Fortunately, my wife is usually there to kick me when I need it."


released May 1, 2014


Performed, recorded and mixed by WIlliam Hoshal

Produced by William Hoshal

Executive Producer: Brent Haines
Very special thanks to Woodsounds Flutes

Special thanks to Tim Blueflint and Shades of Rez Flutes

INSTRUMENTATION: Native American and Native American style flutes, Chinese Xiao, Anasazi style rim flutes,
Soprano saxophone, AKAI EWI, Piano, 5 string and 6 string electric bass, Acoustic guitar
Drums, Percussion, Moyo Drum, Keyboards, Samplers

Sample programming, Acoustic bass sampling, EWI and loop programming by William Hoshal;
Additional EWI programming courtesy Patchman Music;
Sampling software by Native Instruments; additional synth software by Spectrasonics

All compositions copyright 2014 William Hoshal (ASCAP); except "Zuni Sunrise"
All selections published 2014 Calling Rain Music; except "Zuni Sunrise," published public domain

William would like to thank: Brent and Julia Haines for supporting the madness, Tim Blueflint for constant common sense, Geoffrey Ellis, Vance Pennington, Gary Stroutsos, Paul Thompson, Troy Perkins, Eddie Barratini, David Zabriskie, Alex Booth, James Tomlinson, Native Instruments, Spectrasonics.....and my Corgis of infinite patience, Lucas and Max.

Thanks to all of the folks who wanted to hear more....

Most importantly, my beautiful wife...Kim, this is for you...



all rights reserved


William Hoshal Portland, Oregon

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